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Trout rearing

Truite Arc en ciel

The “Rainbow Trout” reared in Sarrance is a river fish coming from North America.
For more than one century, trout rearing has developed all over the world, in North America (USA, Canada), South America (Brazil, Ecuador), the Middle East (Iran), Asia (India, China) and in Europe.
The “Brown Trout” is a European species mainly reared for recreational fishing or restocking.

In Europe, the main countries producing trout are France with 35,000 tons/year, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Poland and Germany.

Trout can be sold in different sizes (from 150 g to 4 kg) and different forms (whole, fillet, steak, smoked).

Truite Arc en ciel

On fishmonger or hypermarket stalls, it is mainly in competition with other farmed fish: bass and sea bream for small sizes, salmon for large sizes and processed products.
The consumption of farmed fish is expanding because the wild resource becomes scarce and the world fish consumption constantly increases.

The trout might take a significant share of this market because, as a river fish, it can be reared in the most remote continental areas and supply fresh fish in countries for which it is difficult or too expensive to get sea fish (salmon, bass, sea bream).