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Trout eggs market


Just as there is a world trout production, there is a world trout eggs market to supply fish farmers in any country.
Most farmers do not produce their own eggs as this production is delicate and requires specific rearing conditions and know-how.

Fish farmers buy the necessary eggs to local reproduction centres or on the international market.

Transport of trout eggs is easy: they travel in isothermal boxes, with no water. Therefore, by road or by air, trout eggs can be delivered “at the other end of the world” within less than 3 days.

France is internationally renowned for the quality of its trout eggs, reached thanks to studies on reproduction and genetic selection developed since 1960 by researchers at INRA (French National institute of agricultural research). These studies have been implemented by some private companies, such as “Viviers de Sarrance” which is one of the main French producers.


Viviers de Sarrance markets its production everywhere in the world:
  • In Western Europe (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Spain, France…)
  • In Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine)
  • In the East (Afghanistan, Armenia, Iran)
  • In South America (Ecuador, Colombia)
  • In Africa (Ethiopia)