Viviers de Sarrance

Pisciculture Labedan

Viviers de Sarrance is a selection and reproduction centre dedicated to the trout.
Our task is to produce fertilised trout eggs (more than 50 million each year) which are sold to fish farmers around the world to seed their farms.

Through our genetic selection programme implemented from 1995, the “VIVIERS” strain is internationally renowned for its growth performance. Several Research and Development programmes allow us to adapt continuously the “VIVIERS” strain according to our customers’ needs and to produce even more efficient trout eggs .

Our trout eggs are sent anywhere in the world in isothermal boxes which enable them to travel for more than 3 days if necessary.

Our trout eggs

The species :
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Brown Trout

Trout eggs

The products :

  • “All-female” or “sterile” eggs for breeding
  • “Caviar” eggs for human consumption

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