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All-female eggs

Oeuf de truite

The standard products from VIVIERS de SARRANCE are non-sterile all-female rainbow trout eggs (Oncorhynchus mykiss).

These eggs are ideal for the production of portion-size trout (150 g to 500 g): as they are all female, this allows trout to grow very fast and gives an excellent homogeneity of the batches.

The all-female trout eggs are obtained by fertilising the ova with soft roe from ” false males”. A very accurate and strictly controlled procedure for the production of ” false males” allows us to guarantee 99% all-female eggs .

We produce Rainbow trout eggs (Oncorhynchus mykiss) throughout the year, continuously from January to December. We also produce Brown trout eggs (Salmo trutta fario) in February and March.

Size of the eggs :

The “VIVIERS” eggs are naturally small due to a low spawning temperature (8°C). This ensures our eggs are produced in a cold, pure and healthy environment.

Depending on the season, our eggs vary in size from 9,500 eggs/litre (85 mg/egg) to 13,500 eggs/litre (60 mg/egg). For each batch, the size of the eggs is homogeneous.

Survival rate :

The standard survival rate* is 90% minimum when hatching and 80% minimum when weighing 1 g.
* Under optimal rearing conditions in the receiving farm.

Growth performance (Rainbow Trout) :

The “VIVIERS” eggs performance has been tested at different temperatures. An average weight of 500 g is reached after a rearing period of 10 months at a temperature of 12-14°C, and after a rearing period of 12 months at a temperature of 8.5°C.