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“Caviar” eggs


“Caviar” eggs are unfertilised eggs for human consumption.

They are produced by young females aged 2 years old.

Eggs from these young females are harvested without being fertilised and directly packed for “Caviar” eggs production.

VIVIERS DE SARRANCE produces approximately 2 tons of “Caviar” eggs per year.

Quality of the eggs :

The “Caviar” eggs produced by VIVIERS DE SARRANCE are characterised by the spring water they were reared in:

  • They are small because they were spawned by young females reared in a very fresh water.
  • They do not “taste muddy” as they were spawned in a pure and clear spring water. On the contrary, they evoke the freshness and purity of mountain streams.
  • They are highly coloured, their pH is 8.2, and they are 100% intact (no egg has burst).


Seasonality of production :

“Caviar” eggs are produced during the Rainbow trout natural spawning period that is only in November and December for our strain.

Harvest / Shipment :

In November and December, eggs are harvested each week on Monday and Tuesday. They are shipped on Tuesday night by refrigerated carrier.
Our customers receive the eggs on Thursday morning, 48 to 72 hours after harvest.

Packaging / Storage :

“Caviar” eggs are packed from the harvest in 10-litre food buckets which are hermetically sealed. Each bucket contains 10 kg of eggs (net weight).
When harvesting the eggs, their temperature is 8°C (temperature of the spring water).
When placed in the buckets, the eggs are stored in ice, then in a cold room at +2°C.