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Our logistics

The only production of high quality eggs is not enough. We also have to transport them under the best possible conditions so that our customers receive them in a fresh and healthy state similar to that of eggs which have not travelled.

Preparation :

Emballage des oeufs


We manually sort and clean all our eggs before shipment in order to eliminate dead eggs, impurities and  fungal filaments. They can be disinfected on request.



Packaging :


Eggs are placed on partitioned shelves (preventing movements during transport) and then packed in 11-kg isothermal polystyrene boxes (40 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm), ideal for handling.

Eggs are kept in a cool and humid environment by adding ice in the boxes.

Each box contains from 50,000 to 100,000 eggs.

Transport :


We apply two principles to transport our eggs: fast delivery and maintenance of cold temperature.

  • For short distance (France, Spain, Germany), the boxes are shipped up to the fish farm by refrigerated carrier.
  • For long distance, the boxes are shipped by refrigerated carrier up to the departure airport (Pau, Toulouse, Paris), then immediately shipped by plane to the destination airport. Our customers take delivery of the boxes at the airport and transport them to their fish farms.